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FAQ technical textiles

Question 1: How can we see samples of your products?
You are welcome to visit our company, where you can view all qualities. Of course, you are also welcome to visit our stand at the leading A + A fair in Düsseldorf, which is held every two years. In addition, we are represented in many countries by capable agents, who will be happy to advise you and show you the qualities. We will happily send you the desired samples as well.


Question 2: Do you deliver tubular knitted fabric in bundles or open cut, rolled full-width onto reels?
Jersey qualities can be delivered as tubular cloth or rolled onto reels. Fleece and fur are only delivered full-width rolled.


Question 3: Are the qualities certified?
Yes, the certificates can be downloaded from a separate web page for each quality. We will provide you with the web address on request. New certifications are added regularly.


Question 4: What are the washing instructions of the qualities?
Wash at a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius without bleach. Allow to air dry (tumble drying can result in excessive shrinking). Fleece and jersey can be ironed (cotton setting), do not steam. Dry cleaning is allowed.


Question 5: Can you deliver from stock?
We try to keep some qualities in stock at all times, but most of them will need to be produced (delivery time generally 5-6 weeks).


Question 6: Do you supply samples by the yard?
Our sample department can provide various colour samples of most qualities. Sample yardage will be calculated with a surcharge of 25%.


Question 7: Is it possible for you to deliver your knitted fabrics in our colour(s)?
This is possible with a minimum bulk order (1 dye bath of 12 rolls, the number of metres/roll varies per quality). Approx. 2 weeks after receipt of your order we will provide you with a lab dip in the requested colour for approval.


What are the international customs tariff numbers of the qualities?
Fleece: 6001920000
Jerseys: 60063290000
Fur: 600110000  




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