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FAQ imitation fur

Question 1: How can imitation fur be washed?
The budget imitation fur can be washed in the washing machine at 40°C. After washing, we recommend you hang the fabric out to dry (not in the tumble dryer). For our Saluki qualities we generally recommend dry cleaning. If you do want to wash the fabric in the washing machine, then please wash the material at 30-40°C and hang out to dry. Then gently brush the pile.


Question 2: I produce my clothing items in Asia. Can you also supply fur fabrics to Asia?
Yes, we have our own offices in Seoul, Shanghai and Hong Kong. We can supply any amount starting from 300 – 500 metres for bulk production anywhere in Asia. For more information please contact us.


Question 3: Do you deliver from stock?
Our budget imitation fur is produced in the United Kingdom. In principle, we can deliver from stock within 3-4 weeks after receipt of your order. Our Saluki qualities are produced in Asia. Some of these qualities are part of our “service stock system” and can be ordered (minimum of 1 roll) by colour or design. The delivery is often directly from stock. If an article has completely sold out you can still order 1 roll, but the delivery time may vary between 1-14 weeks. For articles that are not part of our service stock system a minimum of 300 metres should generally be ordered and the delivery time will be 12-14 weeks. To be sure, please contact us.


Question 4: Do you also deliver swatches?
Of course you can contact us for swatches to make your models. However, we charge a surcharge of 25% for swatches.


Question 5: Do you attend trade fairs?
Yes, we attend the following trade fairs twice a year (February and September): Munich Fabric Start (MFS) in Munich and Texworld in Paris. We also attend the A + A beurs fair in Düsseldorf once every two years with our technical fleece qualities and jerseys.


Question 6: Do you also sell to the end-consumer?
No, we do not sell to end-consumers.



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