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Fleece is a soft, comfortable and light-weight material, known for its insulating properties. For this reason fleece is used for (functional) jumpers, sleeping bags, blankets, play blankets, cardigans, hats, scarves and more.

Fleece production started in the 1980s

Fleece was not launched on the market by fleece manufacturers until the eighties. Before this time, wool was widely used in the textile industry. However, wool absorbs much water, is relatively heavy compared to, for example, fleece and can it be itchy, which many people experience as unpleasant. As such, fleece soon became a popular alternative for wool. Fleece manufacturers produce polar fleece from polyester yarn, a synthetic material. In the finishing process the fleece is brushed, which creates a warm and very soft fabric. Fleece weighs next to nothing, but isolates extremely well. At the same time, it feels comfortable on the skin and the fabric is durable and very strong. Fleece is not only easy to wash, it also dries quickly. Provided that the material is treated in the right way, fleece also hardly shrinks or stretches.

Different types of fleece

Fleece manufacturers produce different types of fleece in various weight categories and various finishes: single-sided and double-sided fleece from 100% polyester yarn. Technical fleece with flame-retardant properties is made from modacrylic/protex yarn and can be supplied with anti-static properties. Fur-Textiles Netherlands is a manufacturer you can turn to for a variety of polar fleece of exceptional quality. Please contact us to learn more about the possibilities of fleece.



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