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Imitation fur

Although the use of real fur is frowned upon by many people, there are still frequently reports about animal abuse when it comes to obtaining animal pelts, i.e. fur. Fortunately, there is a very good alternative to create the same luxurious and realistic feel of fur. How? With imitation fur, also called faux fur.


How is imitation fur made?

Imitation fur is a fur product made of yarn and synthetic (artificial) fibres. Imitation fur is available in several varieties: knitted fur, boa knit imitation fur, double raschel imitation fur and more. To achieve the same softness in imitation fur just as real fur, very fine denier yarn is used. Moreover, when finishing the final product, it is polished and brushed repeatedly. Very often a soft latex coating is applied at the bottom of the knitted fabric giving the effect of a stabilized cloth. This is an acrylic latex coating, a soft compound latex. The final result? Imitation fur that cannot be distinguished from real fur. Soft, beautiful and durable.


Advantages of imitation fur

Artificial fur may sound negative, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because of the advanced production method, imitation fur has many great features:


– The synthetic fibres and yarn used to make faux fur are extremely comfortable to wear.

– Synthetic imitation fleece is easy to clean (dry cleaning) or to wash.

– Imitation fur can hardly be distinguished from real fur because of the contemporary techniques used and often has just as luxurious a feel as real fur.

– Faux fur is much cheaper than real fur.

– Faux fur can be made in almost all colours and designs..

– Faux fur is more ethical; there is no need for animals, such as minks, to be bred or to die.



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