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Premium imitation fur

Are you looking for high-quality imitation fur of premium quality that is virtually indistinguishable from real fur? At Fur-Textiles Netherlands, you will find the highest quality imitation fur from our premium brand, Saluki. Imitation fur shows that you care about animal welfare, while still being assured of luxury for an outstanding value.


High-quality imitation fur

With modern technology it is now possible to develop realistic and comfortable fur. So realistic in fact, that the difference between real fur and faux fur is virtually impossible to distinguish to a layman’s eye. Our Saluki imitation fur qualities are made from the highest quality synthetic yarn and fibres. Production takes place using round knitting, boa knitting and double raschel machines.


Advantages Saluki imitation fur
What is imperative is that wearing imitation fur is ethical. Animals should not be specially bred, suffer and die for the production of real fur. This is the best reason for you to choose imitation fur of quality brand Saluki!


– Saluki imitation fur has endless possibilities and is available in many different qualities, colours and designs (prints).
– Saluki imitation fur is in most cases easy to wash or dry clean.
– The imitation fur from our Saluki collection is very realistic and has a luxurious look.
– Saluki imitation fur has great insulation properties and offers optimal comfort.
– Saluki qualities are made of flame-retardant, synthetic fibres and yarns.


Imitation fur by the meter

Fur-Textiles Netherlands delivers Saluki fur on rolls and charges by the metre (width of the fur is 150 centimetres for practically all qualities). For more information about the premium Saluki brand or for other questions about the range of imitation fur contact us or view our FAQ page.


View images of our premium Saluki brand here.




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