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You would like the warm and the luxurious feel of fur, but you want a type of fur that has been obtained in an animal-friendly manner? Then there is only one choice: imitation fur. Because of advances in present-day technology, imitation fur can hardly be distinguished from real fur. This means that you can benefit from all the advantages of fur, but you will not come into contact with the negative sides of the fur industry.


Fur and animal suffering

Did you know that the Netherlands is the third largest producer in the world is of mink fur? Each year, six million mink pelts are produced and processed in our country. These are significant figures and this is just a fraction of the number of animals dying each year in the fur industry. With all of today’s technology, there is, however, no longer an excuse to wear real fur. Nowadays, imitation fur can hardly be distinguished from real fur.


Imitation fur and real fur: the differences

Despite the fact that artificial fur looks ever more real, in the fashion industry, real fur’s popularity is not dwindling. However, imitation fur has many advantages. Imitation fur:

– Is available in almost any colour

– Can often be washed at home or can be dry cleaned

– Can – as opposed to real fur – often be altered with a “normal” sewing machine

– Is much cheaper than real fur

– Is highly resistant to wear and tear through the use of synthetic fibres

– Is not plagued by moths


Imitation fur manufacturer

At Fur-Textiles Netherlands, you find luxurious, comfortable and realistic imitation fur of excellent quality. In addition to the production of artificial fur, the supply of polar fleece is also part of the core business of Fur-Textiles Netherlands. The extensive and surprising Fur-Textiles Netherlands product range includes imitation fur and polar fleece intended for use in workwear and textiles used in interior decoration. Want to know more? Find out about the various possibilities.




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